Day 24 The Provisioning explained

We were imparted with power and authority and strength and any gifts we need to succeed. We have that now. But the tribulation of our time makes it hard for us to see or experience just how much provision we really do have at our finger tips. G-D actually sets up our supply preemptively. The supply is in our hands before we know we are going to need it.

For instance, I wrecked my car. It was my fault. I did it. G-D gave me that car. It was beautiful, but I hated the name of the thing. It was white and sleek ad beautiful and I hated it. I set up the permissions for the event that caused me to wreck my car by my ungratefulness and hatred of the car.

Financially I could not just to out and buy another one. G-D had everything in place and under control. He put me through the corrections first. I had to rent a car for seven months. That meant in my struggling financial situation, I had to trust G-D and G-D aloe to provide me with the money to rent a car so I could keep working. Through these months I always had enough money to rent a car. Not only that, I did not have the kind of credit card the rental companies use so G-D provided people who knew people who made it possible for me to rent a car. 

My supply chain to rent a car was ending. People would loose their jobs if they continued to rent cars to me. I had to do something else. I looked on line. I found a lot of scam artists out there. A friend spent his day taking me there to one of the scams I found online. The car was not good shall we say and leave it at that. It was all a lie. My friend who took me there stopped me from doing something stupid like buying from them.

This friend loaned me a car he wanted to sell for a few more days. It was not good either. 


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