Day 108 Times Ancient Boundaries Restored To Original Plan

This season of the New World Order is set in time for a specific number of days. We have The Lord G-D to thank for that. Creator G-D, The Lord G-D raised a standard and set a plum line around the rebellion of Lucifer. Creator G-D, The Lord G-D called it time. Time is the fence the barricade the impassible boundary for the rebellion and every aspect of it. There are those who would move the ancient boundaries set before time. They are evil and sons of the evil one. At the command of The Lord G-D the ancient boundaries are restored. Halleluiah! Holy is the Lord G-D who is and was and is to come! Sing. Sing praises to Him! With Cherubim and the Seraphim. And angels who adore Him. And with all creatures of the earth together we cry HOLY! HOLY! HOLY! is The Lord G-D Almighty! Who was and is and is to come!

The second beast is only manifest in earth for Israel’s last week, a period of 70 earth years. We are living in Israel’s last week now. We have less than 70 years to endure the tribulations of these days before we go home. You and me. We are going home!

Take courage and do not fear. 

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