Day 159 The 7 bowls of The Lord G-Ds Wrath

The plague I like from the last seven bowls described by the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation and the one that shows The Lord G-D has a sense of humor is the three spiritual beings that look like frogs and croak like frogs. Egypt worshipped frogs. That is why The Lord G-D made frogs one of the plagues of Moses he set on pharaoh in Egypt in preparation for the Exodus. In the time of antichrist these frogs are miracle working demons. They perform before the big three rulers of the world to convince the global leaders to wage the war of Armageddon. They usher in the Great Day of our Lord. YEAH!!

Remember. This does not occur in time sequence. Time is not a factor here. It is all happening at once. In chorus. With one voice. At once. The Holy Ones that defeat the beast are singing at the sea of glass while the new world order of the second beast is setting the plans of the second beast to rule the world in motion. The second beast shows up and the seven bowls are being poured out and the three miraculous frog demons are pulling the world leaders into a battle in Armageddon Valley all at once, at the same time, because time this is not in time. Time does not exist here. Let us not forget that at this same time Babylon the Great, the Great Whore, the Church, who is depicted as “sitting on the red dragon” is being judged.  She is ruling and being judged at the same instant because there is no time. Time does not exist.

Perhaps the word picture of the great harlot “sitting” on the red dragon is the visualization of sexual intercourse between the whore Church and the red dragon. Perhaps it is an attempt of Satan to bring forth issue out of his body and have a child like The Lord G-D. Lucifer, Ha Satan, can only duplicate what The Lord G-d is or has or does. Lucifer, Ha Satan, doesn’t have one creative thought in his being. Therefore, Ha Satan has no way in him to manifest anything new even if he was given the power of God Almighty to create by giving voice to thought and manifesting it. Satan would not have a thought to give voice to, much less manifest anything. We can take great solace in this fact. Ha Satan can not do a thing to us. The ones who are now sons of the devil are actually sons of The Lord G-D or angelic host or other parts of The Lord G-Ds creation that has been deceived into serving Ha Satan as if he were capable of creating. 

The Lord G-D is still in control. 

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