I have shared one of the major battles I won with the Mithras in my bedroom and the encounter with the red dragon in my mom’s basement. These events are real. The demonic forces they represent are real. Mithras was a Canaanite god that opposed Jesus of Nazareth and the believers most severely in the first three centuries AD. Mithras is credited with chasing the early church into the caves. There are Mithras alive and well today and are one of the classes of spirit beings in service to the red dragon working through the new world order right now. 

Knowing my testimony is not good enough. The true sons who overcome the red dragon overcome by their own testimony gained through their own trials and tests. 

This is my testimony and the testimony of Jesus. We are two witnesses in agreement. In this message is the power and authority of The Lord      G-D so you can overcome too.

I share my journey with you for many reasons. For one thing, if we do not take heed to history, we are doomed to repeat it. I want you to be able to see the ditches and road blocks I have encountered and had to defeat to get where I am so you can use what I learned from experience to get where you need to be. We need each and every one of us in place fully functioning for this last push. 

Another reason I share my journey with you is that you do not know me. At least, you probably do not know me. I must share with you what you need to decide if anything written here is truth and therefore something you can use to make decisions for your own lives. 

It is common today to run to the internet to find out what others say about a person or pay 2 dollars and do an internet quick background check. A few dollars more can add criminal history. (Side note. I wrote this book 12 years ago. The world wide web has grown and developed since you paid 2 dollars for a background check. Even people who have never been on a computer have a residence address in cyberspace. We are living the days when the rocks will cry out no hiding place.) I see very little truth on the internet and even the facts that might be correct are subject to interpretation. These so-called facts are almost never written to include both sides of the story. So much of this has been done, the truth is twisted to the point no one knows what is real or not real. Science is the worst. It does not have to be truth/fact at all. It can be theoretical. Theoretical science has taken over. Theoretical science sets up a postulate and then sets out to prove it. This is science at its worst. In fact I am not sure it is true science at all. 

If you think you know me, it is most probably you have bumped into one of the impersonators. In that case, please take heed to your immortal soul. The original being, the ONE, Creator G-D, has set up our own traps out there to capture the ones in service to Satan who have infiltrated our ranks. They are true wolves in sheep clothing. They have taken the name of the Lord our G-D in vain. This means they spew vows out of their mouths and conform to a prescribed behavior that identifies them as “Christian” but it is a lie. 

The Lord G-D has allowed these who are not true to set up my personal image as they have compromised it so that any who look upon it or take part in the social systems swirling around are reprobate. Look up the word reprobate. It is real. If you have even inadvertently heard about the false image, then you are in danger of reprobation because of your affiliation with the ones who told you about it. I do not see any remedy. The only place this can go is directly into the second death. There is no remedy for the second death. The blood of Jesus does not apply. If you find yourselves caught up without your knowledge of who they were and what they were doing.  Do what you can with the Original Being, The ONE, to save yourself. This is your last hope. The Lord G-D has led you to this manual and allowed you to read it. 

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