Day 212 An even more diabolical scheme

Be aware of a more diabolical scheme than tricking parents into delivering their children to authorities to register them. In our last days, almost everyone has a handheld phone of some kind. Handheld phones are even given to handicapped and homeless for free and an amount of time to talk is provided. Children born after the second millennium AD grew up in a world so captivated by and attached to the cell phone, now smart phone, that it is nearly impossible to eat a meal, go to the bathroom, or take a shower without an interruption from the phone. The introduction of electronic games, game boy for instance, hypnotize the participants drawing them into the virtual world. Children do not play outside; they get on their phones and connect to virtual communities who play the same virtual games together. Books and education are electronic now. The generation labeled “millennials” grow up believing “if it is on the screen, it is true/real”. Nothing could be a bigger lie. The screen is most easily manipulated. There is a new reality coming in the virtual world called the metaverse. I hear pastors are sounding the alarm about this.  It is very possible this new medium the tool  the second beast to make use of so the prophecies about The Whole Earth will See and Listen to the Antichrist all at once at the same time. Metaverse reportedly creates a new reality even more than the virtual reality of the world wide web we have in the last 4 or 5  years finally understood everyone has an address there even if they have never been on a computer. Everyone who has ever made entrance into the time space continuum is a resident there. As it will be with the metaverse, but more…………………..

(Remember I wrote this book more than a decade ago in and around 2010.) I saw in the paper just this week that very soon the financial industry, banks etc., will be issuing checks and no stores will take checks as legal tender for goods or services. That has basically already happened. There are machines in stores that you can put your check into but the monies come directly out of your bank account much like an ATM card.

Soon, no one will take cash. Either you must have a plastic card or you will have an electronic chip in your head or hand. As an intermediate step, the plastic Credit, Debit, and ATM cards now have chips containing everything there is to know about you and  your habits and your affiliations and your health and your wealth. Cash will still be used as legal tender for a while but as the new world order manifests around the world and the United States paper money will disappear. The global engineers will designate The United States as one of the mega countries including South America, Central America, and Canada. Our paper currency will pass away. Might as well use it for toilet paper, wallpaper, or paper airplanes. 

There may be a short specified period of time we will be able to exchange our US Dollars for the new currency being set in place as the mega countries take form and begin to rule. Do not fall into this trap. They will use the monies to trace each and every one of us who ever attempts to exchange the currency for any goods or services. 

At some point, all of us who are true sons of The Lord G-D will have to pull out of the monetary system and go on a barter system or some other way not apparent to us at this writing, as a way of exchanging what a person has for what a person needs. 

There are many of these social systems organizing all over the United States of America right now. Remember, the idea this is happening is known to the second beast, the global banking system. The second beast has already set up elaborate social systems to take over immediately after the world economies fail. The social and financial systems world wide will fall like dominoes. 

The Lord G-D, The ONE, has expended a great deal of kingdom resources showing us that he can and will provide for us in every situation. How will that look in the antichrist period of the head and the hand? I do not know and would not try to tell you. The Supply of The Lord G-D will be different for each one individually. Make sure you stay in tune with and attached to Jehova Jira, your provider. 

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