Day 217 What happens after the Sky rolls back like a scroll

This creation is consumed in the fires from the mouth of Creator God.

And the earth was without form and void.

So all you who are involved in the belief system that modern day “firemen” can prevent or mediate the fires of Creator God who have the fire trucks come a runnin’ at the sound of adversity can get over yourselves. The “firemen” you have set up cannot do anything about the fires from the mouth of Creator God. So we are clear, these fires from the mouth of Creator God that consumed the first creation and are set to consume the second creation do not even singe the eyebrows of the true sons of The Lord God. This is truth.

The sky as we see and experience it today is a canopy, a spance, a dome, a curtain that otherwise divides us from the throne room in the new Heaven of the third creation preventing us from seeing the events taking place there right now as you read this and keeping us from partaking in them. Jesus of Nazareth pulls back the curtain. The curtain was torn in two when he declared it is finished while hanging on the cross.  So those gates and doors are open to us now. Jesus work on the cross is finished. Nothing more to do or attain. 

Have you ever been to a play in a theatre? When it is time for the play to start the curtains fold back from the center of the stage to the side of the stage and the interior is revealed. The actors come out and the play begins.

This is a pretty good example of how the final battle after the millennial reign unfolds. None of this stuff we are worried about happens until after the angel with the big chain captures the red dragon and seals him up in the sea of glass, the bottomless pit, for 1000 years. During the time of the thousand years when the red dragon is bound in the bottomless pit Jesus and those who are chosen to reign with him in his earthly kingdom rule in earth. The Lord God set this up before the creation of time. Not the Bilderbergers or the illuminati. At the end of the 1000 years, the dragon is loosed for a short time. In this short time, he is loosed on earth he gathers those who are dead in his service, and they mount an attack on the camp of The Lord God surrounding Jerusalem.

That is all in the plan of The Lord God. Satan is tricked into doing the work of the final purging the rebellion himself. Now The final vestiges of the rebellion are revealed. As soon as Satan gets his faithful gathered from the far corners of the second creation The Lord God sends fire down from Heaven in the third and final creation to consume them. They are gone, vanish, in the twinkling of an eye. Faster than a heart beat. Notice not one of The Lord God’s people sitting on the white horses clothed in while linen ever draw their sword! The Lord God does not allow them to have even one murderous thought or feeling within them. Murder and revenge are sin and all sin causes separation from the Light and Life that is The Lord God. 

Do not allow yourself to be deceived into a murderous heart or revenge or a vengeful heart in any form. This is the sign of the red dragon. None of it is in the new creation. Guard your heart and your mind. Guard your eye gate. Guard your ear gate. Guard your mouth. Guard your nose gate. Guard each and every one of your senses even tactile. Your senses are there to serve Jesus and Praise the Lord God. It is their job to usher in the New Heaven and the New Earth of the third and final creation and to stand at attention as the third and final creation unfolds before you. 

Author’s note: I am feeling like it is important to emphasize how important and significant to each of us on planet earth today is the message in these two last paragraphs. I am struggling inside myself to fight a murderous heart.  I personally find myself seeking revenge and having to choose against it. This is not to be taken for granted. Church would have us believe that speaking one short phrase or paragraph will forever keep us from the second death and gain us entry into the third creation.  Yes and no. Yes, Jesus of Nazareth is who he says he is and he is for sure able to keep that which you commit to him against this day. But beware. We can take back our choice. We can commit apostacy. We are still in charge of our own souls. We can curse The Lord God and die. 

But take heart. In the Old Testament there is a short phrase in the prophets that says, “the rages of the sons of God praise Him”.  In my experience, when I am the most angry and it turns toward “god” the “god” I am angry with is not the One True Creator God, The Lord God! It is a demon or a principality or power posing as the One True Creator God and the fight I put on to get out from under that control ……. PRAISES THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE CREATOR GOD! Trouble is….. I do not get to see that until after I have waged war with the entity oppressing me. I have to choose to get out of that …… even when thinking I am deserting Creator God!…… before the veil is lifted and Truth is revealed….. that the one I have just done battle with is in fact part of the rebellion. I have saved my soul from the second death. 

SATAN APPEARS TO US AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT. WE ARE ADMONISHED TO TEST EVERY SPIRIT. EVERY SPIRIT. THERE ARE FAMILIAR SPIRITS SURROUNDING EACH AND EVERY TRUE SON. We have the victory in Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ of God. He has already fought each one of these and won our battle. Because it was not done “in time”.  Time has no part in this. May those who are granted ears to hear…… hear the word of the Lord God now. 

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