Day 218 The Road Home in Practical Terms for each of us today

We must not allow ourselves to be deceived. We must test each and every spirit, each and every teaching, each and every word no matter how the message is coming to us.  It is a hard saying, but we cannot trust anyone on planet earth today. Each of us is subject to being deceived and can inadvertently deceive another. The only ones who make it are the ones who have their own relationship with Jesus of Nazareth and The One Called Holy. The One Called Holy is commissioned by The Lord G-D to bring you in to him. In our own defense we must Guard our heart and our mind. Guard our ear gate. Guard our mouth. Guard our nose. Guard each and every one of our senses, even tactile. Our senses are there to serve Jesus, the Christ of G-D and praise Him. Their job is to usher in the New Heaven and the New Earth and to stand at attention as the New Creation unfolds before us.

In practical terms for each of us today, we are at the time when the second beast who was dead and comes to life is revealed. Many will be deceived by the miracles performed. At this time we will all be given the choice to take the mark in our head or our hand which is the act of worshipping the image of the beast. As presented to us today in real life, the second beast coming up out of the sea of glass is the god of finance.  The New World Order is a system of finance. You will be required to have some sort of identification to be able to have gainful employment or money in a bank. This choice will be impossible to make in our own strength. We must have the power of The One Called Holy to stand. Human flesh is too weak.  Lay up for yourselves treasure in the third creation where moth and rust does not corrupt and thieves do not break in and steal.  Jesus admonished us to do this. I believe he was seeing our day when he uttered those words in the sermon on the mount. 

Many who choose to refuse to take the mark are beheaded. This will be videotaped and played over and over and over across the globe to let those people who are thinking about refusing to worship the beast know what will happen to them if they refuse the mark. Some of “The Holy Ones” will arm themselves and for a time fight a gun and armaments battle against the ground forces of the second beast. The Lord G-D allows them to defeat them.



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