Day 225 The sons of rebellion are scattered for the birds to feed on

The sons of rebellion who are scattered across the expanse for the birds to feed on were killed by the sword which proceeds from the mouth of him who sat on the white horse. This is the picture of the return of Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ of G-D.  The slain who belong to the red dragon were cut up and spread across the spance of the second creation. All the birds of the air were filled with the flesh of the ones who belong to the red dragon.

When I let myself ponder this picture and let myself bask in the victory of it, MY DESPAIR IS GONE! MY RAGE IS GONE! 

The kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our Christ.


When all of this is accomplished, the Bride of Christ appears. Her light is pure crystalline without spot or blemish. She shines like the sun in the firmament. Her adornment is the Shekinah of The Lord G-D. Those who are invited to the wedding feast are called by name. They come from the east and the west   Moses and David and Elijah are in attendance as well as the ancient Ones. It is the Wedding of the Lamb and the Bride. Those who are called by name and have an invitation are clothed with the Wedding Garment required to enter in. Those who are not invited or show up unadorned are cast into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. 

Then the New Earth descends from Heaven, The New Jerusalem. There is no sickness or dying there. Night no longer exists for the Lamb and the Bride is the LIGHT of it. The countenance of The Lord G-D will shine on them causing them to reflect the Shekinah. All of this is happening outside the boundaries of time. TIME IS NO MORE. The Lamb and the Bride reign throughout the third creation without ceasing because time does not exist there. 

This is the dawn and the coronation of the new creation.

To The Lord G-D be the Glory and the Honor and the Praise. 

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