Day 228 Put on the whole armor and then trust in The Lord G-D when in spiritual warfare

Any well-trained special ops soldier will tell you that they prepare for battle every day before they begin their day. They are prepared for all contingencies. But even then, they are confronted by unexpected attacks. When they are taking gunfire, they rely on their training and the provisions they carry, and they rely on their instincts. For the true Son, the Lord G-D has a particularly great provision. Jesus, The Christ, tells us not to be concerned about what we will say when we are brought before a tribunal, or counsel or judge or when we are faced with any weapon that has formed against us. Jesus, The Christ of the Lord G-D teaches us we will receive the words to say and the power to prevail in that very hour.

For example, when my children were little, we lived in a house in a cul-de-sac. My youngest daughter was about three years old. She had a friend she played with on the other cul-de-sac in our division, just around the circle from us. One day when I went to pick her up after a play time at her friend’s house as I came around the circle to see the children at play, one of our neighbors who lived across the street from my daughter’s friend’s family was punching their daughter in the stomach with his fists. The neighbor’s child, my daughter’s friend, was unconscious on the ground. Then this very big monster of a man turned toward my daughter and started toward her. I screamed at the top of my lungs he had better not even think about it. He turned toward me and charged at me. I put the nastiest look on my face I could muster. He kept charging and I held my ground. My daughter was screaming violently at the prospect I was going to be hurt and at her tiny friend lying on the ground. The big bully charged within a couple feet from me, and I braced for the blow. Instead, he took a sidestep and broke a sapling tree in half. He left the dismembered half lying on the ground besides it. He turned on his heal and started toward his house. I screamed something at him that was not a language I recognized, and he stopped and looked back. I bent down and picked up the half of the sapling lying on the ground praying all the while. I put the two pieces of the sapling together and held them tightly. I held it there for just a very short while, like a second, and let it go. The sapling tree was back in one piece, made whole again. The bully was in shock. I was too mad or too deeply in the Spirit of The Lord G-D to even take notice that the tree had been healed. I turned my gaze toward the bully and told him he had just hurt his last part of nature. He startled and ran for his house. I walked over to the child on the ground and laid my hands on her as I prayed. She came back to life with no effects of the beating. Then I charged at the man and told him I had not ever better see him in my yard or my neighbor’s yard again! He sputtered some gibberish about miracles, and I never saw him again. 

I cannot tell you what words I said in those prayers. I do not know. They came from the One Called Holy, AKA The Holy Spirit. 

We moved from that house and that neighborhood too. 

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