Day 230 The Tribulation of the True Sons of The Lord G-D

I will say that if you have never been tested to the point where you rage, you will be. We are in the last days of this earth and this creation. We are staring the red dragon in the face. The antichrist is on earth as well as the false prophet. There was a theory of religion called Dispensationalism. A big word that basically means the true sons get to leave here and go home at different points of the events of the end of “time”. The true son Children of The Lord G-D are still here for the tribulation and the great tribulation or who would the antichrist have to tribulate? He does not “tribulate” his own. It is the false promise of “Church” (the first beast in the book of Revelation that comes up out of the sea of glass in service to Satan) that the “faithful” will escape the beheadings and burnings and whatever antichrist comes up with that makes many of the True Sons turn away from faith. Antichrist does not “tribulate” his own.

If you are “called” to be a martyr you do not have to fear. In that very second you are facing the executioner you will see The Lord G-D. The heavens will open up and The Lord G-D will be there. It will be your finest hour. You will be freed from the chains that bind your soul here. You will go home. The Lord G-D will attend to you himself. All of heaven will be there to honor you. This is what you must remember and think on focus your mind on all the time you are being prepared for your death. Jesus endured the cross for the joy that was set before Him. That was not some ethereal heeby jeeby pie in the sky wish on the part of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. He actually saw Heaven open, and the angels attended to Him.

It is true.

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