Day 233 Jesus work is final and finished

The work Jesus of Nazareth did for us as the Christ of God on the cross is final and finished.

I bumped into this truth a long time ago. One of the trips Jesus has taken me on was to the old location of hell. It had street signs and shops. Everything was red like red brick. But it was completely empty. NO one goes there anymore.

So, the “goddess” in the store had me on a point of order. She twisted my words. Of course she is not going to hell. She was claiming that as a victory. If there is no hell then in her mind she did not face the consequence of worshipping Satan. She was seeing Jesus on the cross as the end of the Kingdom of God and the beginning of Satan’s rule. Their evidence for that belief is that hell is not hot anymore. Hell is no longer the final destination for those who die in rebellion to The Lord G-d, Creator, The ONE. Jesus ended all of that when he died on the cross.

I should have said to her, “then you are going to the lake of fire”.  That would have made an impact. It is important that we do keep truth in front of us because the deceivers will trip us up every chance they get! The first death and the punishments of hell are over never to return. The blood of Jesus is a onetime thing. The work of Jesus is a onetime thing. It cannot be repeated. It is finished. As he said.


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