Day 259 “The Flock Doomed to Destruction”

In the Old Testament there is a place where The Lord is quoted as saying, “Shepherd the flock doomed to destruction.”  I have always read that passage with interest and little or no understanding.  My big dilemma was the “church” that claims Jesus died for all people. Or the ecumenical movements that say we are all going to the same place anyway.  The mormons apparently claim we all meet Moroni at the entrance to heaven and become mormons whether we like it or not.  There are many different teachings and beliefs out there that seem to say there is no judgment. It all comes together in the end. But this one statement from The Lord through his prophets states there is a flock doomed to destruction.  I tend to think that the Lord knows what he is talking about. So when he says shepherd the “flock doomed to destruction” I sort of wonder who that is.  

I am going to say the “flock doomed to destruction” is “Church”.  Church is Babylon the Great, The Great Whore peddling her wares on every hill and under every tree.  She is the one with the “merchants” mentioned in the Bible. Many preachers from many pulpits have said the “merchants” are capitalists.  Business men and women who sell an object or a service in exchange for money or other goods or services.  I do not think this is who the “merchants” are referred to.  I think the “merchants” are the ones I like to call “bible thumpers” who are out there literally on street corners calling the sinners to repentance.  The biggest thing I hate about that is this defines “sin” as something you do, a choice you make.  That is not what “sin” is at all. “Sin” is what all of us are who are “born” in this second creation after the rebellion of Lucifer and the destruction of the first creation.  We are born “sin” meaning we are born separated from The Lord G-D.  It is a condition of this creation we are born with. We did not choose it. We did not do anything to cause it. We cannot fix it. So we cannot “repent” from it.  

When you get into “sin” as an act or choice we make, then you get into all that control spirit stuff that has women walking around in the grocery store humphing at you because you bought a candy bar.  But more critical is the way Catholicism uses this definition of sin to bind heavy burdens of guilt on their followers so they can make demands on them and keep them coming back begging for more use and abuse.  They are bound in chains to “Church” because their “salvation” is from “Church”.  The priest decides if you get into heaven. 

This is the “flock doomed to destruction”.  All who are “church” are doomed to destruction. That means all religious who worship any being or entity or force or creation other than Creator G-D the ONE, The Lord G-D are doomed to destruction.  They have “worshipped the beast” and “the image”.   

The Lord God says “My people, Come out of her.”

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