Day 265: The “slave mentality”….



There is a lot of hype in the news today about “black lives matter”.  Of course they do. 

There is also a lot of hype in the news today about “critical race theory”…..

There is a lot of theory and emotional rhetoric.  Let’s talk real daily life experience. What we are talking about here is “the slave mentality”. In one way or another each one of us, regardless or race color or creed, is suffering under a “slave mentality”.  We are called to be SONS OF THE MOST HIGHT GOD, CREATOR GOD, THE ONE. Not slaves….. the “slave mentality” is a scheme from Satan to enslave us to him forcing us in to his service.  Creator God does not want us to “serve him”.  We were created to be inhabited, for complete communion, in LIFE!  We were created to BE.  Satan wants us to DO….. 

I first happened upon the “slave mentality” through a person who became a significant other. In his teaching from his church, we all needed to “get the aul in our ear signifying our servitude to Jesus or we would not make it to heaven. Putting the ‘aul in your ear’ made you a slave to Jesus. It was ‘irreversible’. It took the possibility of ‘apostasy’ out of the picture. Once done you could not ever renounce Jesus and take back your ‘salvation and the blood'”.  

I had grown up in “the security of the believer”. The idea we had the power to reverse the decision to make Jesus Lord of my Life could be reversed had never been spoken of. He showed it to me in the New Testament in Paul’s writings.  I jumped at the chance to secure my position in Jesus so nothing and no one could move me out of Him, not even me.  

I hope you can see already the lies embedded in this teaching. 

First, Jesus is the security of our salvation. Nothing we give to him can be taken. The strength and security of my salvation is in the person and strength and trustworthiness of Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ! In taking the aul in my ear, I was declaring I did not trust Jesus to be able to keep me. I was declaring I had more trust in a physical “piercing/earring” thing than I did in Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ of Creator God!  Let me tell you dropping from SON OF CREATOR GOD to slave….. created the worst 20 years of my life!  I  have been impersonated, left as one who is dead, left homeless and penniless, despised and rejected…..

I have just seen this while I am writing…. but this is the true picture of the “prodigal son”.  I have loathed that story because it is preached as one who goes out to drink and do drugs and get into sexual abominations…… NO NO NO NO!  The “prodigal son” is one who is deceived into taking on an “aul of slavery” and leave his position as SON OF THE MOST HIGH GOD!

The good news is that the information this is irreversible is a lie! In fact, we NEVER LEFT THE SIDE OF THE LORD JESUS, THE CHRIST. We have for sure made his sad at our temporary insanity I will call it. In my case I was deceived into believing there was “another work” I had to do to secure my salvation! This is the basic lie from Satan.  Do not fall for this! True Sons are Sons!

I ripped that ‘aul’ out of my ear and came running into the arms of the one who died for my soul. 

Wherever you are “enslaved” you too have the power and the right and the authority as true sons to throw off the chains and come home…



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