Day 266. The “slave mentality” …. continued.


So in a more down to earth day to day application of “the slave mentality”.  Let’s talk about the American black slave experience. 

First, this is not specific or singular to those who are born with a pigment in their skin.  I have spoken to this in previous days in this publication.  Those born with the pigment are sons/descendants of Cain who killed Able, his brother who was better than he is.  This is not a permanent condition. The Lord God said go and do better. Their issue is with Creator God who sentenced them to the pigmentation, not their neighbor who does not carry the mark.  So all they have to do is STOP KILLING THOSE WHO ARE BETTER THAN THEY ARE AND MAKE GOOD CHOICES.  To some, the pigment is a chain and all encompassing. To others it does not matter. To others it is a crown a diadem a beacon to be worn with pride.  Like in the story of the “Ethiopian queen” who came to King Solomon and he desired her because of her skin……..

Lets move this discussion into the “slave mentality” as it is being experienced in the United States today. I cannot speak to it being any other place in the world. In my experience traveling around the world I do not see this specific “slave mentality” in any other locality on earth. This seems to be a specific illness in the United States of America.  I have not traveled in the Middle east or in Asia. 

There is a movie I hate above all others, “Cool Hand Luke”.  Yes Luke got drunk and broke some property. So if this was done Biblically, Luke would have repaired the mail boxes or whatever and paid the owners 10 times the monetary value of the boxes in reparations. Then he would have been sent on his way.  The events after he is in the “work farm” are a graphic picture of what we all go through on a daily basis. The master of the work farm saw it as his job to BREAK THE SPIRIT OF LUKE AND THE OTHERS SENT TO HIM, to enslave them, and teach them their place. 

This is played out in America every day.  Some states are worse than others in creating a slave mentality and the subsequent cast system that comes with it.  But I am guessing every state has their version of it.  The states known for “nice” are at the forefront of the enslavement mentality.  “Nice” as I experience it is a lie, guile, used to brow beat the other, a tool of bullies to bend another to their will.  In some places it appears “nice” has taken on a banner and a battle cry. The battle cry is the number “3” .   I do not have much understanding of this number “3” thing.  I have witnessed a people walking up to a cashier in a national chain and say the number 3 and walk out with hundreds or over a thousand dollars worth of their product without paying or only paying what they decide they want to pay. Usually under 10% of the retail price.  I saw a person with over a thousand dollars of goods pay less than 200.00. And they bragged they were only paying that much because they wanted to. They did not have to pay anything. 

But there is an even more pervasive aspect of “the slave mentality” that is permeating our daily lives and has permeated each and every one of us in the United States.  It comes when someone says, “I am not going to argue with you!”

Really? Two opposing ways of thinking or a person trying to find out what the other is saying is “arguing”. With that one statement all conversation stops and the person trying to talk becomes their SLAVE. If you listen to that and stop trying to talk/communicate they have enslaved you!  You are their slave. You belong to them. Your mind is now subservient to them and their wishes and their mind. 

This sentence is the face of the new society of enslavement in the United States today.  In my experience growing up and then later as a teacher, (I had to leave the education industry because of the indoctrination of our children) this social enslavement started in the Church where preachers started telling us to stop asking “Why?”  It was taught as disrespect for GOD to “question” him.  NO NO NO NO NO! The Lord God wants us to know him. To explore him and commune with him in spirit and in truth.  Creator God created us as ones who SEEK him.  That process takes questioning and one step forward and two steps backward as we grow in him!……… BECAUSE OF OUR FREE WILL!! WE ARE SONS OF GOD. SONS ASK QUESTIONS OF THE FATHER TO LEARN AND GROW.  


There is a huge military type campaign to shut us down from talking!  Children in school, people in church, employees at work, consumers trying to get a service from a person, teachers in college, politicians, the news media, parents, grandparents, the bully down the street,  just to name a few, all expect 100% submission and subjugation to them and their first word. 

I have been in a job before where the boss just says a sentence without explanation or even giving any idea why it is being said and you, the lowlife employee, are expected to take it in and do without question. Going anywhere to find out what is expected or why that was said is “insubordination”, you are going against your boss.   I have experienced in a new employee training a boss completely verbally cutting up an attendee to his training because he asked a question, or heaven forbid, chose to put himself out there and use an example from his own clients to be part of a “discussion”.  The employee answered in terror, “Thank you for correcting my focus”.  OMG! What did I just witness?  I just saw the work farm master put Cool Hand Luke in the sweat box and Luke begged to get out by declaring his loyalty and subjugation! 

We are witnessing the battle for the mind.  A recent lesson the One Called Holy taught me is about the 7 brothers of Maccabees in Hebrew History.  They endured tortures unmatched because they refused to eat “defiling foods”. 

4 Maccabees 13: 1-4  Since then, the seven brothers despised sufferings even unto death, everyone must concede that devout reason is sovereign to emotions.  For if they had been SLAVES TO THEIR EMOTIONS and had eaten defiling food, we would say that they had been conquered by these emotions. But in fact, it was not so. INSTEAD BY REASON WHICH IS PRAISED BEFORE GOD, THEY PREVAILED OVER THIER EMOTIONS.


The 7 brothers of Maccabees bought for us a position in creation. It is described in scripture as “the mind rules over emotion”.  The battle for the mind was won for us by the 7 Maccabees brothers in Israels history. We do not have to submit. We do have to fight our own fight. We do have to rule over our own emotions. We do have to stand in the face of the oppressor demanding we subjugate to them.  The example and the victory is before us.  We can do this. We have to do this. Jesus says one who rules over himself (his emotions)  is greater than one who rules over cities.  

There is another further part of this. Let’s imagine Luke does not die. Luke gets out of the work farm and Luke takes over as position of master at the farm. Now Luke is the oppressor. Luke is in a position to take revenge on all the ones who find themselves in his prison under his watchful eye.  Luke hold the power now.  Luke can learn from what he endured and make sure what happened to him never happens to anyone else or he can become bitter and vindictive and revengeful, demanding even more subjugation from his subjects with even more atrocities of torture in greater measure.

This is a downward spiral into complete derision and total devastation. Only Creator God can lift us up.  With the knowledge and understanding this is what is happening to us, we have a chance to make a difference. Who are you? Who will you be?



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