Day 299: Lets talk about “original sin”.

This week the words “original sin” came up frequently in my day to day activities.  I said at one point that my ideas on “original sin” were probably much different than those who were using the phrase.  It is my understanding that for many or most people who use the phrase “original sin” use it in reference to the human act of intercourse or some supposed evil people do.  Original sin is not something we do.  Original sin is what we are.  Original sin is the state of being all who followed Lucifer in the rebellion in the first creation and all who are born of woman in the second creation our current one after Eve disobeyed The Lord God and ate from the tree of knowledge.  The original sin is “knowledge” of anything that is not creator God, knowledge of the first creation, knowledge of the rebellion. Sin is that which separates us from abiding in the Original eternal being The ONE. . All who are in time space through the birth canal of woman after Eve disobeyed and ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge in response to the planting of seed by man is original sin. The physical act it took to get them into time space has nothing to do with it.  Sex is just the mechanism that gets us here.  

Sin is not an act or thought word or deed. Sin is the condition of separation from the abiding in the Original eternal live being, Creator God the ONE. The reason some of us are dealing with “original sin” is that we came into time space infected with the condition before we breathed our first breath.  We are here to correct that condition and make this world a better place.  We have all been given the chance to become true sons of GOD carrying life and light to this dark diseased separate place of death.  It is written before  you today are two paths Life and Death. Chose life. Chose life today and every day and each and every time the choice is set before you to make a decision that will bring life or bring death.  Choose life. 


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