My name is Theresa. I am a sojourner here as are many of you. We are becoming fewer and fewer in number and will soon be dwindling down to two. I died on the operating table and was carried to the new creation to be given the necessary experiences there to be able to come back here and witness to the truth of it even when standing in the face of masses claiming the strength of their opposite assertions because they are so numerous or have “the evidence” against truth. I have seen and have experienced the new creation for myself. This is not hear say. I did not read it in a book. I am of sound mind in case you were wondering. I live in an altered physiology (physical body). The event that killed me left me so the surgeons had to knit me a new body. I am streamlined for the last leg of this journey home. I did not get these great gifts to hoard for myself. What I am and what I know by personal experience belongs to each of Creator G-D’s true Sons. I was commissioned by Creator G-D the ONE to write. The one called Holy used my hands in this streamlined body to pen the words that set the truths needed for us to make our way home in these last days. I am publishing that work here. “In the Beginning G-D” a few pages or a topic at a time set one day at a time over the next many days and weeks and months and possibly years. I have set a table of contents for the chapters and an index for the topics. Each post will be archived. I share who I am and how I was chosen for this in more detail in the prose to come. The Theresa