Day 7 Chapter 2 The seventh day

We are told on the seventh day G-D rested. What does it look like when the creator stops creating? Come to think of it, where did G-D rest from all the work of creating? What did the abiding place look like? We have talked about the six days outlining how G-D created the heavens and the earth. Nothing we’ve talked about specifically describes the place where G-D hung out while he was doing all of this. 

It might help to think about it like this. Creator God is both omnipresent (meaning present in all things and at the same time occupies a form in the expanse in a specific place with specific events going on all around. This is possible because Creator G-D is not in time. I will explain what time is in much further detail later. This is how it seems this or that being is in more than one place at once.

On the seventh day, Creator G-D was occupying the expanse of creation having Lucifer cover and fill the expanse with light. Picture a mother with all her children surrounding her. The impetus, that desire to have something to LOVE, that initiated creation in the ONE had been satiated so all thought of creation were silenced. With thoughts ending the voice of creation could be silenced and manifestation rested. 

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