Month: March 2021

Day 44 Trouble in Paradise

However, the serpent was also in the garden, Lucifer now Satan, the serpent, was a nobody in the garden. He was the lowest animal there. The serpent or Ha Satan, the satan accuser of the brethren still wanted to be G-D and was not too happy.  Lucifer continued his deceptions even in the second creation…Read more

Day 43 Naked and not ashamed

Naked and not ashamed. The Lord G-D caused ale person/Adam to fall into a deep sleep. While in the deep sleep The Lord G-D too a rib from his side to make a help meet for Adam. God formed the ish or female person/Eve from a rib he took from Adams side. Adam received Eve…Read more

Day 41 And the Lord God planted a garden

V8 And The Lord G-D planted a garden in Eden, in the east; and there he put the man (adamah/Adam) whom he had formed.  G-D spat into the adamah dust blanketing earth. Adding moisture to dust made a clay substance similar to potters clay. G-D molded adamah/man from this clay like substance.  When The Lord G-D…Read more

Day 38 Chapter 7 The Second Creation

So let’s talk about this for a bit. In a nutshell explanation, in the beginning G-D created the heavens and the earth, Genesis 1:1. The war happened. And earth was without form and void, Genesis 1:2. God started over. Genesis 2:4b begins the record of the second creation. In THE DAY that The Lord G-D…Read more

Day 37 Evidence there are two creations

So the armies of Creator G-D defeated Lucifer and his angels and the earth stood without form and void. G-D hovered over the face of the deep surveying the wreckage. He brought forth the second creation out of the ashes/the adamah of the first creation. This is recorded in part in Genesis chapter 2. Genesis…Read more

Day 36 Humankind/extraterrestrials/two creations

I watched a broadcast show where people actually get paid to search out these ancient one, the Humankind. They call humankind “extraterrestrials”. Extraterrestrials means not from planet earth. That is true. Humankind is not from planet earth. Humankind does not travel in space ships. They came to our ancestors and gave them fire and taught…Read more