Day 35 Explanation the gods/immortals/Humankind

Evolution is a tool used by Lucifer to deceive the wise in their own eyes and claim he is the true creator of all that is. If  you watch the science of evolution try to legitimize itself it faces “in the beginning” First it pontificates about there being no beginning and no end. The only thing that is, that has no beginning and no end, is G-D the ONE. 

Not only does this part of evolution theory cut out Creator G-D it cuts out any reference to creation as it was before the rebellion. Lucifer is exonerated of the rebellion and declared G-D in the same theory. Those ideas fall apart. Soon then the evolutionists come up with “primordial ooze”. That is just nasty.

The designation for the immortal beings created by The Lord G-D in the first creation by thought through voice manifest through the Word of G-D is HUMANKIND. Humankind is ethereal immortal being. A being from the first creation not touched in the rebellion or by time Humankind is still an ethereal being that continues without ceasing. No death or dying. Our ancient ancestors thought they were gods. They walked earth and even overshowed female adamah persons and children were born to them. The children grew to be much bigger taller stronger than persons. They were known as the giants. 

Adamah calling humankind the gods was not so far off. Humankind is from the first creation and therefore parts of Creator G-D that continue without ceasing. Humankind is immortal. They move about creation at will. However, they are NOT CREATOR G-D. 


They too are created beings. I have watched Netflix series on ancient visitors to earth. They are real of course. They are for sure “extraterrestrial” for sure. Humankind is not made from the dust or earth. They were not born through the birth canal of a female person. It still remains they were created by Original Being on the sixth day. They are created beings just like you. Do not worship them.

Do not worship them.

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