Month: February 2021

Day 15

The great I AMs remedy for Lucifer’s rebellion in the first creation worked. Lucifer was stripped of his light, his pipes and his patinas. He lost his position as the cherub of light that covers the throne of G-D. He was cast out of Heaven. Lucifer fell. This is the genesis of “falling”, the onset…Read more

Day 13 The Original Identity Theft

This is the Original Identity Theft: Lucifer considering himself to be equal to Creator G-D but even better at creation than the Original ONE, the Creator Being that created him, and acting on that belief. Creator God’s blueprint for creation was ONE to ONE joined together to make ONE. Lucifer thought that was such a…Read more

Day 12 Chapter 3 The Rebellion

Day 8 in the first creation normal activity is returning. The Sabbath rest was over. The original being went back to business as usual maintaining creation including the beings He had made. However, Lucifer had begun to despise the ONE original being Creator G-D. He mocked God taunting him baiting him trying to get G-D…Read more

Day 11

Ezekiel 28:1b says of Lucifer: Because your heart is proud and you have said, “I am a god. I sit in the seat of the gods, in the heart of the seas, yet you are but a  mortal and no god though you compare your mind with the mind of G-D.” Lucifer declared that he…Read more

Day 10

In the book of Ezekiel the prophet describes Lucifer in detail using “the king of Tyre” widely believed to describe the rebellious Lucifer:           You were the seal of perfection,           Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.           You were in Eden, the Garden of…Read more

Day 8

Here are a few short glimpses into where the events took place as recorded in the Hebrew Bible. A panoramic view of Creator G-D on the throne is recorded in Revelation chapter 4. John the apostle of Jesus of Nazareth is sharing the vision received while in prison on the Aisle of Patmos. He describes…Read more

Day 7 Chapter 2 The seventh day

We are told on the seventh day G-D rested. What does it look like when the creator stops creating? Come to think of it, where did G-D rest from all the work of creating? What did the abiding place look like? We have talked about the six days outlining how G-D created the heavens and…Read more