Day 12 Chapter 3 The Rebellion

Day 8 in the first creation normal activity is returning. The Sabbath rest was over. The original being went back to business as usual maintaining creation including the beings He had made. However, Lucifer had begun to despise the ONE original being Creator G-D. He mocked God taunting him baiting him trying to get G-D into this and that contest so Lucifer could demonstrate to all the rest of creation that he was god. He hoped to prove that G-D a bumbling fool who messed up the chore of creation and he could do a much better job at it.

Fact is Lucifer despised who he was and the exalted position he held in the first creation for reasons we are not told with any clarity. It seems Lucifer thought he could be CREATOR G-D. That in itself does not really define what the problem was with Lucifer or what was going on in the first creation that was behind the discontent.

Lucifer began despising Creator in his heart. Lucifer despised the chimes, his position, and everything about himself. He despised creation and the one who made it.

As an exercise that might help us understand what could make Lucifer scorn his Creator G-D and his most exulted position, consider how one highly skilled might view someone with meager skills. For instance, one just learning how to color might not stay in the lines of the picture. An other more skilled might easily stay within the lines of the same picture as the yare coloring. Even more intricate and detailed pictures are no problem for another. No lines at all are necessary for another. Beautiful canvasses of magnificent color begin to flow from the hand of another. By way of illustration, Lucifer may have felt something like he had beautiful canvasses of magnificent color locked inside his chimes while Creator G-D continued to scribble out creation. 

Lucifer despised his position as the angel that covers creation so much that he decided he was not going to do that anymore. Lucifer quit his j o b the Original Being. Lucifer tricked others among the first creation into doing the same. The discontent grew very rapidly. Lucifer proclaimed himself to be god like Creator G-D. Better than G-D.  He proclaimed he could do a better job at creation than the ONE.



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