Month: July 2021

Day 162 I would not have you ignorant my friends.

Do not confuse the “Constantine Church”, organized religion,  with the True Sons of the Lord G-D, Creator G-D, The ONE and the Followers of Jesus of Jesus of Nazareth, the true vine. The two are completely different things. The whore Church is the foundation, the holding tank, the distribution center, for the power of the…Read more

Day 157 G-D is still in a tent

The sanctuary where these Holy Ones of Creator G-D, the One stand by the sea of glass and sing The Song of Moses defeating the beast is in the TENT OF MEETING IN THE SANCTUARY OF G-D. G-D IS STILL IN A TENT G-D IS STILL IN A TENT G-D IS STILL IN A TENT…Read more

Day 155 The Overcomers

The overcomers stand on the same seashore by the same sea of glass that Lucifer stood by right after he spewed the waters out of his mouth in pursuit of Lilith who was pregnant with the second adam. That is the same seashore by the same sea of glass in Heaven that is the final…Read more

Day 154 The Song of the Lamb

The Song of the Lamb has been and is being sung in Heaven as  you read this. The entire song is recorded by John the emissary in Revelation 15. The Apostle John says, “Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous; seven angels having the seven last plagues (being poured out of the…Read more

Day 152 Chapter 24 Song of The Lamb

Jesus of Nazareth handpicked us who are alive in planet earth today for this specific point in time because our character quality is essential for the kingdom of The Lord G-D, Creator G-D the ONE to squelch the rebellion. The Lord G-D has trained us, armed us, and supplied us specifically for the task He…Read more