Day 22 The war, the beginnings

Creator G-ds blueprint for creation was ONE to ONE joined together to make ONE. Lucifer thought that was such a waste. Why should perfection be limited to ONE? He broke the natural barriers G-D placed in creation and declared a free for all. Animals and plants could cross breed and male persons could mate with male and female persons as the male wanted. Male could mate with male and female could mate with female. Polytheism, polygamy, homosexuality and anarchy happened. Lucifer declared war on Creator G-D.

Those loyal to Creator G-D from the first creation went to war with those that went into rebellion with Lucifer. Michael the arc Angel and “The ONE called Holy” remained true to Creator G-D. They are the generals in G-D’s army against the rebellion of Lucifer. 

Lucifer’s rebellion can be compared to cancer in our human body. Cancer is a normal cell functioning well in the body that suddenly begins duplicating the original cell much more rapidly than the normal replacement of cells. The duplications or cancerous cells kill the normal cells and the host body. Cancer must be eradicated.

Creator G-D had to eradicate Lucifer and any other part of the first creation because it was infested  with him. G-D stripped Lucifer of his reignments. Creator G-D ripped Lucifer from his position covering the throe and surgically removed him out of the membrane of the first creation. Creator G-D cast Lucifer away from him out of the heavens. Lucifer fell through the spance to land on Creator G-D’s foot stool.

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