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THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE HAS FAILED NOTE THE DAY   OCTOBER 7, 2022 THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE HAS FAILED The information age is over. Nothing is as it seems.  Anything you put your trust in that is NOT the One CREATOR G-D will vanish like smoke….. dissipate like the wind……. THE ONLY “KNOWLEDGE” THAT IS REAL…Read more

Day 182 Build your Ark NOW

I am convinced we are in Israel’s last week. The last week is 70 years. So sometime in the next 70 years we will see the advent of the antichrist. The two witnesses will prophesy and be stoned in the streets. There will be a rapture and then the end in 3.5  years. We are…Read more

Day 262: Unexpected personal consequences

I have published a book here (The Original Identity Theft by Theresa Bryson) penned at the command of The Lord G-D from the direction of the One Called Holy.  I was just being obedient.  It never occurred to me there would be consequences to myself for that obedience. Looking at it now I should have…Read more