Day 262: Unexpected personal consequences

I have published a book here (The Original Identity Theft by Theresa Bryson) penned at the command of The Lord G-D from the direction of the One Called Holy.  I was just being obedient.  It never occurred to me there would be consequences to myself for that obedience. Looking at it now I should have known there are always consequences for obeying The Lord G-D and doing what is right.  

There are over 1100 comments that have been added to this blog.  I have the duty to go over them and decide if they are real or if they are spam or from someone with their own agenda in a capacity of guardian for the truth shared here.  So if some of you are adding comments and they are not showing up and you are real with no agenda other than true sons on our way home and you are not seeing them in the comments section, that is why. I have decided for whatever reason not to publish it.  The comments sometimes come in other languages that I cannot read so I am not able to discern anything from the text.  I do not publish those.  I do not publish anything about vape or “gummies”. That is not the topic and is not in line with the purpose of this publication.  I do not answer questions about how I set up this blog or what server I use.  That sort of discussion would take us off focus for direction for the road home. 

I have personally experienced trouble at my job because of the topics in this blog.  People who have opposing religious beliefs and fervors have gotten into this blog and judged me for its content.  I say again, the events I share in my own life are my testimony.  The overcomers defeat the beast by their testimony.  I am sharing some of mine in the off chance that helps a fellow true son on their journey.  I was always told growing up you cannot impeach a persons testimony as long as they are telling it about themselves as they experienced it in all truth and honesty.  It is their testimony. It happened to them.  The interpretation of that event is an individual thing for the readers or those who hear. Be careful about judging the messenger.  We are warned not to judge lest we be judged. No one has any idea how they would act or react if they were faced with the same situation.  No one is above being faced with the same situation.  If it hits your heart you are better than someone else because “that would never happen to me”.  Please repent immediately because The Lord G-D can allow something much worse to come upon you.  He does discipline his children. And often times what another is going through is some kind of boot camp he or she is experiencing in their rank and position in the army of the Lord.  We who are chosen are called to advance through the ranks gaining new insight and powers and authority with each new rank very much like our own US Army recruits. We start in boot camp as privates. When we graduate from boot camp some will be private first class. Others may not. With each promotion in rank new accesses to new information and new authority and powers are added to us.  There is a down side here. In G-Ds army we are tested regularly. If we fail the test we are demoted back to an earlier rank and must pass the tests to advance again.  Israel had to take laps around Mount Sinai for 40 years…. it is much like that. No one wants to hear The words, “Take another lap.” So DO NOT JUDGE WHAT YOU SEE IN SOMEONE ELSE. IT IS VERY MUCH POSSIBLE THEY ARE TRUE SONS UNDER THE MIGHTY HAND OF THE LORD G-D!

Another thing that must be said here is that we all walk by the light we have.  We each have individual revelation.  We are responsible for the light we are given. We are NOT in any way responsible for or have authority over the servant of another.  If a person is experiencing what I will call religious fervor in an area you already have been and passed and move on through you must not judge the for where they are.  Granted, in some cases it is important to avoid them because they can decide they need to kill you in Jesus name.  I see a lot of that in our world today.  We can only hope they will be given a new revelation of who Jesus of Nazareth is and how their actions are persecuting him, like Saul on the road to Damascus.  This is not our call. We cannot try to “fix” them. 

I can just imagine how some of the days published here have incited some of my colleagues to riot.  It set some of their teeth on edge. I have been cut off from communicating with them no matter how important they are to my success at the job.  

They have tried to say I am mentally ill, or “old”. The stuff I say is “old”. The new millennium has the real truth.  Some are absolutely threatened by some of the boot camps I was sent into in my journey getting where I am now….. and I have allowed the strength of their reaction to cause me to take a step back and do some internal reflection.  What exactly is the message here?  Why was I writing this book? And here it is. The message is simple. All else is dross and a trick of the rebellion to throw us off track.  

It is real! Creator G-D is real, the Christ of G-d is real! The One called Holy is Real!  The new Heaven and the New Earth are real! I have been there.  I am an eye witness. I was sent back to you here to tell you that are living here on planet earth in these last days who have not seen with your own eyes who wait by faith for the promises to tell you they are real.  Do not forsake our faith.  Yes G-D has really said.

That is the whole of this message.  IT IS REAL. 

Those who have not seen and experienced the same thing may choose to attack this message instead of be blessed.  They may choose to attack this message by accusing me of lying or even that my very existence is a lie.  I am not. This message is simple truth. May The Lord G-D give you eyes to see and ears to hear. 

The Theresa


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