Month: March 2022

Day 260: The Sabbath

The fourth of the 10 commandments is remember my Sabbath day to keep it holy.  There is a lot packed in to this. Remember:  We who are true sons, Humankind created by voice manifest through the Word of Creator G-D, the one in the sixth day of the first creation are admonished to remember. Remember…Read more

Day 259 “The Flock Doomed to Destruction”

In the Old Testament there is a place where The Lord is quoted as saying, “Shepherd the flock doomed to destruction.”  I have always read that passage with interest and little or no understanding.  My big dilemma was the “church” that claims Jesus died for all people. Or the ecumenical movements that say we are…Read more

Day 258: Satan is the father of ALL lies

I cannot stress enough the critical nature of lies.  Lies are the soul killer. Lucifer deciding he was better at being Creator that Creator G-D, the ONE, is the first lie and it is a self delusion. Please take note. Embedded in this first lie from Lucifer is also the first judgment of another. Lucifer…Read more

Day 257: Real or not real

In our world today it is getting increasingly difficult to discern what is real and what is an illusion or never was. I am real Everything I say is real.  Everything I said in the book. “The Original Identity Theft” is real. Jesus is real. The Lord G-D is real. Creator G-d THE ONE is…Read more

Day 256: Third of the 3 writings today:

I have lost track of the third thing I was supposed to write today.  If it comes back to me, I will write it then.  This was not a “senior moment”.  I did not loose track of anything. The number 3 is down and out.  Moving on the what is real.

Day 255: “The wives”

Ashera The Ashera poles Idolatry Worshipping the Baals Ashera has no power or authority over any of us today.  Jesus of Nazareth showed up in my apartment in the 1990s and asked if I would like to have some fun. Of course I said yes. He took me by the hand and guided me through…Read more