Month: April 2022

Day 273: Faith vs Trust

There is so much material being written about Faith.  The Bible itself spends a great deal of time talking about Faith.  A basic definition of Faith is the belief in things not seen.  But that is not what we are going to need today and, in the days, coming if we are going to overcome…Read more

Day 182 Build your Ark NOW

I am convinced we are in Israel’s last week. The last week is 70 years. So sometime in the next 70 years we will see the advent of the antichrist. The two witnesses will prophesy and be stoned in the streets. There will be a rapture and then the end in 3.5  years. We are…Read more

Day 270 “Doublespeak”

“Doublespeak” is the language of Lucifers rebellion/Satan.  It is demonstrated by a person who calls themselves “Christian” or “church” standing in your face saying, “we squelched her” when it is really you they “squelched”.  Doublespeak is talking in 3rd person when they are talking about you to you, which would be second person.  You are…Read more

Day 269 Do my prophets no harm

Do my prophets no harm.  There is a lot of scuttlebutt in the social and religious systems today about “BIG”.  Who is BIG and who is small. The whole “penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and oooooh half dollar person thing used to categorize a person’s worth. It is a cast system more ridiculous and sure than…Read more

Day 265: The “slave mentality”….

……….   There is a lot of hype in the news today about “black lives matter”.  Of course they do.  There is also a lot of hype in the news today about “critical race theory”….. There is a lot of theory and emotional rhetoric.  Let’s talk real daily life experience. What we are talking about…Read more