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Day 29 On the Road Home: Confusion

 There is an odd thing going through “church” and apparently the right wing “faithful” that says anything that is contrary to what I have heard from my leaders causes “confusion” and in this line of reasoning or thinking or belief system it follows that “confusion” is from Satan.  No  

Day 182 Build your Ark NOW

I am convinced we are in Israel’s last week. The last week is 70 years. So sometime in the next 70 years we will see the advent of the antichrist. The two witnesses will prophesy and be stoned in the streets. There will be a rapture and then the end in 3.5  years. We are…Read more

Day 220 The Two Witnesses

The two witnesses are given power to prophecy. They proclaim the testimony of Jesus to the world for a time times and half a time as recorded in the book of Daniel and others.  This translates to 3 and 1/2 years. This 3 and 1/2 years corresponds with the first half of the 7 years…Read more

Day 213 The Shofar has sounded

What is important to us right now is the shofar has sounded. It is time to build your ark like Noah did before Creator G-D the ONE destroyed the earth with a flood. That means different things to each of us. It took Noah between 55 and 75 years and the help of his family…Read more

Day 201 Mithra fight for my children.

I shared with you my first encounter with a Mithras. It was not my last encounter or my most devastating. The fight for my children was on. The red dragon attacked my health, my husband’s fidelity, my daughter’s health, our family relationships, and every other aspect of our lives. We became isolated and alone.  One…Read more