Early on in my life I was asked “Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be rich?”  I have not had enough information to make the choice. Right vs rich. I asked and labored over why that had to be an either or decision. Why can’t you be right and that position make you rich?  And why does being right make it almost impossible to be rich?  I was enlightened to the answer this morning as GOD took me through the revelations of the cows and the role they play in our current lives and who are the cows. 2 Kings 10:30 TO BE RIGHT AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE HEART OF CREATOR GOD 

To be “right with GOD” is to be at enmity with the world.  The more you are “right with GOD” the more the principalities, powers, and rulers of this present darkness and their minions and their worshippers and followers and those deceived by them to worship them or with them in this present darkness will oppose and attack you.   Expect it. In fact, go find out why it is not happening if you do not have it happening in your life. The degree you are attacked by the cows and their worshippers is the degree to which you are worshipping The Lord Creator God in Spirit and in Truth.  If you are not persecuted enough, step up your commitment to Creator God and save yourself. 

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