Day 24 On the road home: the conflagration between true sons and the adamah

Yesterday was a day of epiphany and enlightenment for me. I have not understood how Jesus of Nazareth could possibly say “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” while hanging on a tree. I have not understood how Jesus of Nazareth would abandon his mission here to “seek and to save that which was lost” and turn to the adamah and give them all the things he came to give to “that which was lost”.  It made no sense to me until yesterday.  Jesus set them in a stealth fighter, gave them the instruction book and a key to turn it on.  They are out there smashing and crashing things in the creator and have no idea what they are doing. They think they are powerful and talking to creator, when they are not. Their “god” is a fallen entity in service to the rebellion and Satan in these last days of the second beast, finance.  Their “prayers” have a certain apparent effect because Satan will mimic and duplicate anything from Creator God so to deceive the many.  In that regard, Satan listens to their “prayers” and makes them happen to an extent they feel “god” has answered their prayers and the lesser among them see and believe they have the “power” and “worship them”.  Follow them. Let them lead them down the road to final and complete separation from Creator God ….. which their “prophets” are telling them this is their last lap, their last chance to get it “right” that the doors of “heaven” are closing soon. It is so close to right it has to be Satan.  We are for sure in Israel’s last week, the last 70 earth days of this creation.  Jesus asked one time who told the rebellion their time was short so they scrambled to do what it took to escape their judgment.  There is no escape from judgment.  Not even for the true sons. The white throne judgment is there for all of us.  

There was a saying I have seen several times lately. “Find out who you are and act appropriately ON PURPOSE” Act out who you are and what you need to do ON PURPOSE.  From all the events in the ethos yesterday that speaks to me to find out if you are adamah, or true son. Then work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Both adamah and true son.  NO ONE GETS BACK TO CREATOR GOD EXCEPT BY AND THROUGH JESUS OF NAZARETH. NO ONE. NOT ADAMAH. NOT TRUE SON. It is the election of Jesus of Nazareth for both.  Once you find out your personal condition, then find out what you want to do for yourself, and act immediately WITH PURPOSE to get that done because “time” is at an end.  The final resolution is at hand.  

Just an authors note. A few decades ago there was a message that rippled through creation that it was ok to choose satan and death because it would be alright out there in the void. That they would be different than those of us in Creator God Life but it was a good thing. Nothing to fear. This is a lie.  Satan knows it. He just wants as many as he can get to be as miserable as he is in his death. Before you today lie two choices. Life and Death. Choose LIFE. 

Life cannot call unto itself death in any way shape or form.  Not in anything that comes out of the mouth.  That part of “mouth confession” teaching is a lie too. In like manner nothing death does to duplicate or mimic life is real.  Death is still death and separated from Creator God life.  Do not be deceived. In these last days Satan and the second beast are working overtime to bring you “the greatest object in the world” so as to deceive you and turn you from the narrow path, the razors edge home. Keep your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in his wonderful face. The things of earth will grow strangely dim and you will go home one step at a time. 

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