Day 32 On the Road Home: The Ashera Poles are destroyed

The ashera poles were the power grid the worshippers of Ashera and Baal, Canaanite deities, set in place in Israel at the time of Jezebel as the power generator for the witches incantations and curses and spells. God told Israel to smash the Ashera poles and statues of Baal. They did not obey.  They are smashed now.  It was accomplished by Jesus of Nazareth in 1993 earth time. Witches have no power whether they consider themselves black or white witches. For our purpose it does not matter. Both are in service to Satan and the Second Beast of the book of Revelation, which is in earth ruling today.  Witches and warlocks have no authority. Nothing to use against you. If anything is effected by anything they do it was you who did it. You allowed it. You gave it place in your life. You gave up your power to let them.  They have to have your permission to effect anything in your life. Satan has to have permission from Creator GOD to be able to approach you with the intent to gain a foot hold in you.  Just say no. 

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