Day 33 On the Road Home: Hear me now. The “warring angels” are what we commonly call demons

There is a deceived faction of those who call themselves christian that follow this or that tv prophet that is broadcasting we can and are supposed to “command the warring angels”.  First, what they are calling the “warring angels” are the 1/3 of angelic beings that were deceived into serving Lucifer in the rebellion when he moved out against Creator God to steal the position Creator.  In the first act of “identity theft” Lucifer claimed he was Creator and could be GOD better than the Original being who actually manifested creation through the living Word (Jesus of Nazareth). He was able to convince 1/3 of the angels to believe his lies. It is this 1/3 of angels who mutinied against Creator God who are now being called “the warring angels”.  

First, They are NOT the angels of God who we call on to help us and who Jesus said would come to him lest he strike his foot against a stone. Those who “pray to” or “command” the “warring angels” are committing witchcraft and serve Satan and the Antichrist. 

Second, the “war in heaven” was a quick one. It was not in time so we who are of a carnal/earth mind have no way of measuring “how long” it lasted. The important thing is that it was over and Creator GOD won BEFORE Lucifer faced judgment and was cast out of LIFE into darkness/the void. There is no war currently being fought in the ethos. It is over. God won! Jesus is Lord.  End of story. When Creator has filled his cup of wrath for the rebellion and the separation of his creation from LIFE (What we call death is separation from LIFE.) Creator will have had enough. Will loose Jesus of Nazareth to exact revenge. The sky will roll back like a scroll. We will see that everything we think is real is an illusion.  The war is over. Time was created as a barrier around “death, rebellion” so it was finite and could not go on without end. Thus God/Jesus knows the end from the beginning of time.


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