Month: August 2021

Day 190 Part 4 The rest of the story

 Evan and I were stunned. We did not see ourselves as anything important in the Kingdom of The Lord G-D at that time. I had not been called or commissioned to prophet yet. Even knew secretly he was not “saved” and never would be. All of that would be sorted out in the near future….Read more

Day 189 Part 3 The Miracle

One day I got a phone call from the lead neonatologist at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO where my second daughter was after her birth. She had developed a pneumothorax and with the necrotizing enterocolitis we already knew about she could not feed through the feeding tube any more. They had a “more…Read more

Day 186 Ashera a defeated foe.

The work Jesus and I did chopping down the Ashera poles in ancient Israel destroyed the power base of Ashera, the witches (Wiccans) among us today. Up until Jesus and I chopped down the Ashera poles in ancient Israel, they actually had power to perform minor miracles, had eyes to see in the corridor of…Read more