Day 187 True Sons defeat Satan by the word of their testimony: part 1

True Son’s of The Lord G-D defeat the gods, witches, and all other aspects of those who follow Lucifer/Satan/the devil by the word of their testimony,

Here is an example out of my own life. When my second child was born, The Lord G-D had just moved our family to Kansas City, Missouri. Children’s Mercy Hospital is there. At the time of her birth, Children’s Mercy Kansas City was one of only two neonatal wards in the United States. The neonatal ward at Children’s Mercy Kansas City was modeled after the other neonatal ward in Switzerland. One evening sitting at the dinner table, my water broke. My husband called my gynecologist who said bring her to the hospital immediately. He was at the hospital already with several other mothers he took care of so he checked my over pretty quickly. I was admitted and he began to induce labor. My womb was dry, my baby was two months premature. I had to be delivered of the child. The obstetrician said he would give me 30 minutes to deliver the child. If not, he would take her Cesarean section. We fought. He said he might be able to save one of us but not both of us. Which one of us me or the baby did I want him to concentrate his efforts on to save. I told him it was not my day to die and he damn well better get to work and do his job and save my child. He looked over at Evan, my ex husband, who was pretty much a ball of nerves in the corner of the room and asked him who he wanted him to save. My husband said he would not cross me in this matter. The doctor had better do what I said. I said to the doctor you better get busy and save my child. He said, “OK. Have it your way.” He gave me the medicine inducing the labor a mighty spin up as fast as it would go. My body arched in tetany. I screamed in agony. He turned to my husband and said there is a bar across the street. You might as well go get a drink. I have lost a lot of mothers and babies but I have never lost a father. You are not going to be the first. Get out of here. My ex husband ducked and ran. 

The 30 minutes went by and I was still not dilated. The nurses did some mild procedures on me. I asked for a pain medication. He said no because it would make it even harder to have a live birth. The medication would effect the child. Later a nurse came in and suggested an epidural for me. The doctor said he did not think it would help but go ahead if she wanted to do. The minute she finished the epidural, my muscles relaxed. I dilated and my daughter was born. It took less than 10 minutes even though she was much harder to push than her older sister. She took 4 contractions.

When I was delivered of Heidi, the nurses covered me up and rolled me out into the hallway to await the doctor to come and sew me up. I waited and waited. He came by my gurney and said, “You still here? I thought you would be dead by now.” A nurse ran up and said, “You need to sew her up.” The doctor refused. He said it would take 4 hours to get me sewed up after all that tearing. He was exhausted and would not do it. It was impressed upon him that he would sew me up. I was rolled into a proper operating room where he did in fact sew me up. Sort of. I hemorrhaged for 2 years before that same doctor went back in and repaired me surgically.

We were alive. Both I and my daughter were alive. But just barely……….

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