Day 188 Example of defeating Satan with your testimony; part 2

My premature daughter was transported to Children’s Mercy Hospital in a helicopter. The neonatologist said she had a 25% chance to survive the 5 minute flight across town. Then she had only 25% of that 25% to survive the first 24 hours. But, they did not have any other fetuses coming in and did not expect any for at least 24 hours. There was an empty incubator. So, why not? They were already in the delivery room to pick up the boy.

I did not get to hold her before the Children’s Mercy team left in the helicopter with her in an incubator. So they lifted me into a wheel chair and took me to the portable incubator to see her. None of the medical staff expected her to be alive the next day. They did not know for sure I would be alive the next day.

The Lord G-D had other ideas. 

We called our pastor and told him about the trouble. The enemies of The Lord G-D did not want her to live. They were fighting to take her. He said not to worry. He and the deacons were on it. I lived through the night. My daughter was still alive the next day. 

When I was released from the hospital, my husband and I went to see our daughter. I met the director of the Neonatal ward. He was a kind unassuming man. His family had been threatened by the local occult. He had pentagrams burned in his front yard and painted on the side of his house. The witches had attempted to kidnap his daughter from her school classroom. I did not know this until a few months later when it became life and death to our family.

The battle in the heavenlies was great over this child. But the work Jesus and I did to chop down the Ashera poles was already accomplished. Their power base was gone. My pastor and our deacon were able to defeat them. 


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