Day 81 Chapter 15: The church without walls

The stage is now set and we have the skills, and tools, and capabilities to accomplish the more here to fore unbelievable predictions of the ancient prophets for our time. One of the most well known and seemingly  impossible predictions is all the world will see the antichrist at the same time. They will worship the antichrist, the image. All the world will worship the image simultaneously. Thanks to the world wide web and the personal computer as well as smart phones that prophecy is now not just possible but probable. All the world will worship the image on a screen in their room. Those caught up in the deceptions that cause their ultimate addictions to the events on the screen have died the second death. There is no remedy. The choices will be served in tiny increments so small even the most astute will not see through the true purpose and will fall into the trap of worshipping the beast. We are the proverbial frog sitting in the frying pan slowly being boiled to death. Only The Lord G-Ds true vine called for this purpose will escape and they only have grace to escape with their own lives. You cannot take anyone with you. 

Author’s note: The Lord G-D has been talking to me about “the church without walls” for six or seven years now. One of the measures leaders put in place to fight covid19 was social distancing. No public assemblies. No groups over 10 people allowed any where. Churches across the nation and in places around the world were shut down. No Sunday services. No Wednesday night meals. No choir practice. No Bible studies, not at the actual church building or in private homes. Some astute leaders asked permission and got it to hold meetings outside the church building in the parking lots or in a field close by if  people stayed in their cars much like a 1960s drive in movie.

The church without walls was born. 

However, this is not the one I have seen. This is a cheap replica.  A false sign set up by antichrist to fool the many. The church without walls spoken of by The Lord G-D is coming.  As we progress through the tribulation of these days to the head and hand portion spoken of by the Apostle John in Revelation the panorama of church without walls will unfold before us. Many will refuse to worship the beast. Some will be beheaded. Some imprisoned. Some will escape to the woods. There in many places The Lord G-D leads them people will gather. The Lord G-D’s messengers will feed them body mind and soul much like the sermon on the mount in the day of Jesus of Nazareth. I heard it said that at one of the drive in meetings the message given was the sermon on the mount. The Lord G-Ds word will be fulfilled in our life time before our eyes.


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