Day 82 Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil uprooted

We who are on earth are greatly loved and greatly honored among men to be chosen by Creator G-D to be alive at this time in human events. We have just seen the power shift between the first beast which is “Church” and the second beast which is the global banking cartels of the New World Order. The shift actually happened on earth and in the Heavenlies on the morning of the second Sunday of November 2009. The church age is over. The first beast from the sea of glass, “Church”, has relinquished its power to the second beast, The New World Order, that functions under the god of this world mammon and the financial powers that be. The devil sat down on the shores of the sea of glass to watch the plans of the second beast to rule the earth unfold. The system is being ushered in and established by Covid19. Many before us have longed to see these days.

Creator G-D is keeping pace. The tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil died and was uprooted July 9, 2020.

Lucifer lost his power base. The second beast in the devil’s plan to conquer Creator G-D and take over rule and dominion of creation has failed before it starts because is has no powers.  The war is over. Creator G-D won. We are going home.

These are very intense days for the true vine sons of The Lord G-D living on earth. It is the time of great transitions. Nothing is the way it was. Nothing is as it seems. All things have become new under the control of The New World Order. No wonder the second beast thinks he is pretty hot stuff. The soldiers of The New World Order have organized in every corner of the globe in many different ways. These “soldiers” take the shape and form of humankind. Unless they unmask to us, reveal themselves in their true state of being, we will not recognize them for what they are. They are the products of Lucifer’s creation. To use Hollywood again, the Men in Black series of movies are quite good and close to truth. Lucifer’s creation is weird, freaky, dangerous. Quite startling.

One of their organizations in service to the second beast is the “Bilderbergers”. Please look them up. They are an arm of or work with The New World Order’s big global banking cartels. Wachovia used to be one of their networking banks. Barclay’s Bank of England is one of the global networking banks for The New World Order. Deutche Bank in Germany is a third bank I have identified in this global banking network for The New World Order. The Swiss banks that only give you numbers and do not use names are part of this global banking cartel. There is a branch of this cartel in the Cayman Islands. I am just naming a few. 

I first heard about the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers when I was a small child sitting on the floor in my parent’s living room Dad used to come home from work at the factory raging in full animation about the secret ones who really control the world. There is another group in this category that is recently coming into view called “The Family” or “The Brothers”.  They are a silent group hidden from view right in plain sight. They do not consider themselves “Church”. In fact they might say they oppose “Church”. They do profess to be followers of Jesus of Nazareth. It is an all male organization. Liking women or getting married is considered rebellion and the offender is cut off. This is an all boys club.  

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