Table of Contents: “The Original Identity Theft”

                Chapter 1: In the beginning G-D!
                Chapter 2: The Seventh Day
                 Chapter 3: The Rebellion
                 Chapter 4:  Recruited into G-Ds Army
                 Chapter 5:  The War
                 Chapter 6:  Two Creations
                 Chapter 7:  The Second Creation
                 Chapter 8:  Weeds in the Garden
                 Chapter 9:  The Fall of Man
                 Chapter 10: TIME
                 Chapter 11:  The Two Witnesses
                 Chapter 12: Lilith
                 Chapter 13:  Salvation
                 Chapter 14:  My People Come out of Her
                 Chapter 15:  Church without walls
                 Chapter 16:  9/11
                 Chapter 17:  Worship the Image Via Virtual Reality
                 Chapter 18:  New World Order Functioning now
                 Chapter 19: The “TRINITY” does not exist
                 Chapter 20: Time of the Antichrist
                 Chapter 21: 666 Computer called “The Beast”
                 Chapter 22: The Song of Moses
                Chapter 23: Sexual Immorality Institutionalized
                 Chapter 24: The Song of the Lamb
                 Chapter 25: Jesus on Earth
                 Chapter 26: Jesus Asks “Would You Like to Have Some Fun?”
                 Chapter 27:  Build your Ark NOW.
                 Chapter 28: My Prophetic call With Power
                 Chapter 29: Hand to Hand Combat with a Mithra
                 Chapter 30: New World Order -The Beginnings- Fight For My Children. 
                 Chapter 31: Red Dragon in Mom’s Basement
                 Chapter 32: We War Not With Flesh and Blood
                 Chapter 33: The First Beast Relinquishes Power And Authority to the Second Beast
                 Chapter 34: The Witness of Miracles as Needed by Some to Believe
                 Chapter 35: There are Three Creations
                           We are Going Home

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