Day 84 The Collective Mind

We left the farm when I was three to move into town so dad could work at a factory. We still owned the farm and dad spent every extra minute back on the farm. But dad had to start working at the factory to keep the farm. He worked for a government contractor who made the nonnuclear components of nuclear bombs. He carried the highest government clearance because of the factory contract with the United States Department of Defense. Dad would come home and rant and rave about how more than 60% of the United States Congress were “card carrying communists”. At this early stage the beliefs in communism were the most evident purveyors of the red dragon and the antichrist system. The collective.

A collective mind has no mind. As we give up responsibility for our own personal care we become more and more controlled like zombies without the abilities or the tools needed to make decisions and act in our own behalf to free ourselves.  

The Lord G-D said two are better than one and at the agreement of two witnesses an issue is settled. Someone figured out if two is good two hundred is better. As the saying goes there is safety in numbers. The devil takes that simple truth and twists it. In the apparent safety of being in a crowd or a group it is easy to loose ones self. It is easy to be subject to a collective mind. It is easy to give up our own personal responsibility to be and do for ourselves and go on remote control. Turning over control to a remote power source will become more and more appealing as time ends. It will even seem like the right thing to do as the great tribulation develops. The great tribulation is the week within the week prophesied by Ezekiel. The week represents 70 years. The week within the week is the last 7 years in that 70 years. We are in the last week for Israel so we are experiencing the tribulation of the saints on a daily basis. We are not within the last 7 years of the 70 years tribulation. We are not in the great tribulation. You are living in the tribulation of the saints. Do not be shocked. Let that soak in. 

The idea of global dominance is not new. The Egyptian Pharaohs were worshipped as gods and dreamed of world domination. Napoleon, Hitler, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barak Obama, George Soros all want to be the Czar of the New World Order; ruler of the entire world. To be head of the one world government spoken of in the Bible to be reigning at the time of the antichrist. This one world government is actually setting the stage for the millennial reign of Jesus of Nazareth. 

I cannot make this a history lesson. I am not a historian. I will relate to you my long personal experience with the new world order. 


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