Month: January 2022

Day 232 Hell is not Hot now. Jesus won

In Day 321 I shared an encounter I had with a “goddess” demon in the checkout line of a popular department store chain.  As part of the back and forth between us, she accused me of unspeakable sexual acts, that are not true, and then started cursing me with physical signs and her words. At…Read more


It has been a while, about a decade, but I have read a book entitled, “The Handbook of the New Paradigm”.  This book has some truths in it, but one thing it has wrong is the idea the globe we are living on right now is the “New Earth” spoken of by Jesus of Nazareth…Read more

Day 226 What is TIME

Time is a boundary Creator G-D the ONE set around the rebellion to prevent it from continuing on and on without ceasing. Time is a box that holds all that is rebellion, Lucifer now Satan and his followers and minions and attempts at creation and those deceived into his service and the antichrist system. Like…Read more