Day 229 Even if it looks like a true son lost a battle, they won

The Lord G-D does not leave even one of His true sons defenseless ever at any time. You never fail. Even if it looks like you can chalk one up for the red dragon, it did not win. You still win.

I am not a defeatist that looks at everything through a rose-colored glass. I get mad at The Lord G-d. I rage in His face. The Lord G-D knows how you feel. He is much happier with us when we let him have it than when we come to him all nicety-nice and inside we are killing Him in our hearts. This is a good definition for “nice”.  Up front and openly feigning or faking good while inside and behind the scenes we rage and curse and kill from a murderous heart. This is the definition of guile. The Lord G-D hates guile. It can be a soul killer. It does not ever come from righteousness or a righteous position. Sela…

There is even a place in the Old Testament scripture that says the rages of man are worship or praise to The Lord G-D. I am cautious about this scripture. It would be easy to fall into the trap of using it to justify sin.  I have seen it when it works though. At times the enemies’ plans have succeeded and I am enraged. In those few minutes or hours warring I do in the Heavens and the Heavenlies pleases The Lord G-D and brings praise and glory to his name. I have heard The Lord G-D chuckle. The angels laugh with glee.

Also, we must test every spirit. I have found many times most recently that when I am thinking I am talking to Creator G-D the ONE, I have been deceived and a familiar spirit or a principality, ruler, or power has taken the place of Creator G-D the ONE in the conversation or dealings together deceiving me into acting in service to antichrist and that system. In those cases I can become so upset at being tricked into something, I rage in its face.  I am actually in spiritual warfare batting my way out of a trap  set for me from Satan. And when I am out and can see more clearly, then is when I know and experience the favor of The Lord G-D and his angels attend me.

I do not have perfect knowledge or information when deciding whether to fight.  In a few seconds I must decide whether to go to war or no.  I have to consider that if what was is standing in opposition was from The Lord G-D, I do not want any part of doing battle against it.  We experience the situation as whether to go to battle with the rebellion when it turns out the battle was from the Lord God in a matter I had no idea about.  Choosing to go to war in this case would be choosing to stand opposed to a move from The G-D I love.

But no! I cry. In my mind, I was casting off the fake that was put in place to trick me and trap me in the rebellion of Lucifer, an offensive move Satan. 

I do not recommend just taking this out for a run to see how it goes. It is dangerous because you could really be fighting the Lord G-D.  This is a matter of rank in the army of God or title in The Lord G-D.  Some jobs or titles true sons can hold come with Jesus as your keeper and all of His ability to do that. If you do not know you have this title or job or calling if you will, then do not go about trying to claim it.  There are many many tests that must be passed before you do. 

I want to give you a picture of what I am talking about. Lets use the side of a mountain.  Lets say the army of God has a boot camp that looks like a mountain. You start in boot camp as the base of the mountain. As you run the track and pass the tests you are promoted up the mountain say 10 feet. The goal is to be promoted to the very apex of the mountain where the eagles fly.  So as you take the tests and pass them 10 feet up the mountain, you are then promoted again up 10 more feet.  Each ledge up the mountain holds new challenges and new authorities and weapons of our warfare. We must grow in spiritual strength and personal character too.  So if we get promoted to a new level and we become puffed up or arrogant and try to use the weapons of our warfare at that level on our own, outside of the protocols of the job, then we get demoted. We may even have to take another 40 laps. Soon as the true son rises through the ranks there is an understanding of what we do to make us fall off our ledge to a lower position and then what can keep us there running laps until we pass the tests and are promoted once again. Again, as always, take heed and be careful. Even this aspect of  The Lord G-D can be faked in our day to deceive even the saints.

I will also say, if you have not been tested to the point where you rage, you will be. We are in the last days. We are staring the red dragon in the face. The antichrist is on earth as well as the false prophet. 

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