Month: February 2022

Day 252 Taking the Lord’s name in vain

There are many misconceptions and wrong teachings in “Church” being preached from the pulpit.  One of the most hounded in “Thou shalt not take the Lords Name in Vain”.  The meaning of this commandment is much deeper than cussing a blue streak or the occasional FY.  This is not a mouth confession. This is a…Read more

Day 251 No hiding place

I have been in flight or fight, but where do we go?  Where do we go to get away from the deceived who are rock solid convinced the evil they do is righteous and in the name of Creator God, the ONE.  Nowhere.  The Bible says in there day “the rocks cry out no hiding…Read more

Day 250 Show your “true face”

In our day-to-day life, the really important decisions we make are about “real or not real”, “friend or foe”, “when to push”, “”when to retreat and live to fight another day”, fight or flight”, the types of decisions we face that determine our actions or reactions to something that has presented itself.  This is especially…Read more

Day 247 Fear

Fear is a natural part of our being. As our children grow up, we show them things to fear by teaching them not to touch a hot stove.  As we grow up, it is the same principle. There are places we do not go and things we do not do because there is danger in…Read more

Day 246 “Who ARE these people?”

I found myself asking this question over and over this week.  And here is the answer that came to me.  One day a long time ago, I was at work teaching in a Kindergarten showing a little girl how putting a red block with a blue block gave her 2 blocks.  Introducing a rudimentary concept…Read more