Day 16 Chapter 4 Recruited into G-Ds Army

Lucifer aspired to take over creation and be creator. Creator G-D, now The Lord G-d, striped him of his pipes and his position, and his name and cast him out from among us. I remember how it was when The Lord G-D judged the betrayal of Lucifer. I watched as I AM stripped Lucifer of the pipes and the Shekinah of G-D he carried. I felt the disruption in creation when I AM cast Lucifer out and the void appeared.

And there was falling.

All around us everything was falling.

Falling was new to us. No one had experienced it before that day. The fall of Lucifer initiated other new sensations such as fear. No one had known anxiety or fear before. Darkness spread. Within the darkness were streaks and flashes of light arching through the spance. Thunder roared and lightning pealed as God gave voice to thought. Each and every one of us humankind created on the sixth day of the first creation stood before G-D to answer the question, “Who will go for us?”

This was the recruitment into G-d’s army. All of creation and the very foundation of LIFE itself hung in the balance, or at least it seemed that way to us, the created ones. At the very least we knew failure was not an option.

Some of us were scared and begged to be spared doing battle. It is possible they are the abortions happening on earth today. 

Some sought refuge from even knowing the war was taking place. To them G-D granted they sleep until this great conflagration was resolved. They still walk on earth. They are simply and completely unaware. I have come to call them sheeples.

All of nature, the mountains and the trees and the foundations of the deep, came before The Lord G-D to answer the question, “Who will go for us?” Their answer is recorded in the book of life. Each of us was assigned positions in the kingdom according to the answer we gave to the question, “Who will go for us?”

I remember when it was my turn to stand before The Lord G-D the Almighty Creator of all that is to give my answer, to be counted among the army of Heaven. I plead my case before Him. I said, “Oh please dear G-D. Do not make me sleep through all that is to come. Please do not sentence me to watch from a distance. Use me. Make me strong. Keep me awake. Make me aware of you always. Let me be part of taking back creation in your name.

I went on like this for a while.

I am one witness for Jesus of Nazareth, The Word of G-D, the Lamb of G-D that was slain in these last days. As the tribulation develops, the vast numbers of witnesses will dwindle down to the two witnesses, the true vines, of Revelation fame. The Lord G-D said that by these two witnesses all things will be established.

I am a witness. 


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