Day 134 Chapter 21 The 666 computer called the beast

He who has ears to hear, hear now.

There are many of us who are live today that will be alive to experience the end of time. By the end of time I mean the sky rolls back like a scroll and the Son of Man is revealed. Many things are written that must happen before that event is realized. The pageantry of the end has already begun.

The changing of the guard as outlined for us in the book of Revelation is accomplished. The first beast that came up out of the sea of glass is the great harlot “Church”. The harlot “Church” took its place alongside the red dragon, Lucifer, the devil, on the shore of the sea of glass under the throne of The Lord G-D. The red dragon called up the second beast. The second beast came up out of the sea of glass and sat down by the red dragon. The red dragon took the power and authority accumulated by the whore “Church” and transferred it to the global banking cartels on earth, the second beast, on THE SECOND SUNDAY MORNING OF NOVEMBER 2009. This change in tactic by the red dragon from controlling the multitudes through religious fervor to controlling the world through money. MAMMON, the god of money supports the red dragon to implement the banking cartels for financial transactions world wide including who is able to have gainful employment and all paychecks.

The exchange of the two beasts by the sea of glass is dynamic. The second beast looks like a lamb but roars like a lion.

The name of the global financial system is THE NEW WORLD ORDER. The new world order governing the global financial system is in service to the red dragon. The red dragon is Lucifer now Ha Satan, the devil, the ancient enemy of the ONE creator G-D. Some tools Ha Satan uses are The New World Order global banking system, the foundation for antichrist and the antichrist system, and the false prophet. The false prophet performs miracles for antichrist deceiving the many into worshiping him. 

In order to keep ourselves safe and not worship the antichrist, it is important to keep the different “beasts” in the Christian Bible straight. There are two beasts described by the Apostle John in prison on the aisle of Patmos in the book of Revelation. They are depicted in the drama by the sea of glass I just shared with you. In preparation for the coming of the second beast the first beast set up our banking system as we have known it. 

John saw something in his vision recorded in the book of Revelation he called the beast whose name was a number and the number of the name was 666. The first computer ever invented was called the beast. This computer was invented in Sweden. It was the size of a city block and several stories high. It has watched and recorded each and every direct deposit, every debit, every credit application, to name a few. Each and every purchase of anything anyone ever bought has been carefully recorded by “the beast”.  The number of this computer and its name is 666. 

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