Month: May 2021

Day 104 The advent of the “Image”

There are others besides the ones I ran into personally and described in day 103 who are well known who intentionally or inadvertently are instrumental to the successful takeover of the world by The New World Order, the antichrist system. Bill Gates and his team are the creators and progenitors of the virtual world as…Read more

Day 103 The Lord G-D manifests in a cloud

Turns out the global merchant really was looking for a trophy wife. I know because he sent some women to convince me. They had instructions if they could not persuade me to give him sex just tell her I will marry her. That should get it. I saw through this pretty easily since that is…Read more

Day 102 Lessons learned

I soon learned this level power money are accustomed to just summoning anyone they want and they come. I am the only one who has ever had the moxy to say no or at least expect he call me. This set some very intense behaviors in motion. The keynote speaker decided I was his possession….Read more

Day 101 Back in business for myself

I had some business contacts in Florida who said they would help me incorporate a business of my own if I moved there close to them where they had some business influence.  I decided to take them up on the offer. I moved myself from the mid-Atlantic state where I had been to the southern…Read more

Day 96 Eyewitness to Indoctrination

I learned about the 9/11 attacks at a church. I had other experiences with that church. I told the FBI about them too. Another person in the choir invited me to a meeting I was told would be for the American Veterans Administration Association. It turned out to be a party indoctrination meeting. I was…Read more