Day 99 Conclusions to be drawn after 9/11

The important thing for you to note now is that one of the police officers I had worked with in my official capacity at USCC and who had been involved with protecting me from the ones inflicting the harm on me was in that group who was intruding in my home that night I described in day 98. 

The “system” put a spin on the whole loss of bowel incident. According to the spin doctors, I had a bowel disease and that is how I lost my bowel. This is a bold faced lie and fabrication. The surgeon who knitted me a new body said there was no inflammation in my bowel. I have the original operation notes to back this up. The path labs on the bowel they took came back negative for parasites and negative for inflammatory disease. I was not sick. I did not have bowel disease at the time of the surgery and according to the truth found when they were doing the surgery, I had never had inflammatory bowel disease of any kind.

Since the “system” was allowed to put spin on the story, USCC did not pay my medical bills and they did not pay me for the recovery time. I sent in my written testimonies from the mechanics as proof that I was targeted by groups of Americans right in my own town. USCC human resources retaliated by sending me to a psychiatric evaluation. I passed that test with flying colors. Easy. It only took one session. USCC has authorized payment for many more sessions. In fact, the psychiatrist did not perform all the tests USCC wanted because he said they were a waste of time. I was absolutely normal. I was normal then. I am even more normal now. Because I have understanding of more of the mechanisms that were targeting me and I understand more about them, I am a target. 

After the psychiatric evaluation, the FBI in Kansas City came over to my house and asked me to tell them the whole story over again. I had passed the battery of tests and I was gaining respect among the agents. I repeated the entire story and all the events with names and dates and times and places. I spoke truth. They said so.

I know for a fact the FBI agents believed me and acted on what I told them. I learned later when I moved out of the Kansas City, Missouri area that the pastors sister in that church had been the Superintendent of Miami Dade Schools. She was found guilty of embezzlement and other things and went to prison for a long time.

This is just one example illustrating the fact that the authorities believed me and acted on the information I gave them. Some of the other examples could be the continual attack on my finances and my personal health from these factions in the United States and their families. I now believe “Church” to be the biggest progenitor of The New World Order. Organized “Church” set up by Constantine at the council of Nicaea in 325 AD is the whore church the apostle John saw in his vision recorded in the book of Revelation in the canonized Christian New Testament of the Bible.

The groups who conceived and implemented the 9/11 attacks seem to think they are doing it in service to The Lord G-D. They are deceived into believing they are part of The Lord G-Ds army to usher in the millennial reign of Jesus of Nazareth on earth. I am not writing this hand book to them or for them. They are reprobate with carnal minds. They will not be in the new creation. This book is written for true vine sons of Creator G-D created on the sixth day of the first creation that were living in the presence of Creator G-D before Lucifer rebelled. 

We are going home. 

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