Day 98 They did not waste time dealing with me.

They did not waste time. It happened end of October about a month after 9/11. Long story made short, I died in hospital in surgery. It took the surgeons 10 hours to knit me a new body. I only have 9 feet of bowel left. To compare, you have 29 feet of bowel. Human adults who are not defective or surgically altered have 29 feet of bowel. 

While I was in surgery, I was caught up into Heaven and walked the river of LIFE with the man in white linen. We walked and talked. He took my hand and we walked by the tree of life and lingered there. Then he turned to me and said it was time for me to come back. I said what? No! I am not going back!

I woke up here in time/space to the swish swish of the medical units keeping my body alive. The nurse jumped up and yelled at the top of her lungs, “Doctor! She is awake!” The Lord G-D preserved me alive for some reason. I guess I have not completed my contract with him yet.

In response to the personal assaults, I moved my central location back to Kansas City. The FBI knew me there. They came to my home to get more details about 9/11. They told me the information I had was very specific and there was no discrepancies or holes in my story. They believed I was telling the truth and made the record show these findings. I was then relocated to the east coast to be closer to the USCC home office.

But before all of that could happen USCC put me on paid leave and sent me to a psychiatrist of their choice for psychiatric evaluation to see if I could be a kook. I went to their sessions and took all their tests. I passed with flying colors and was returned to my pose with back pay. I say that here because the smear campaign some of the groups ran on me were pretty thorough. It was quite a bit of vindication to be cleared and sent back to work. But that did not clear up the lies perpetrated on me. Those people do not give up. And, too many people are too anxious to find something out about anybody that makes them as bad as they feel they are.


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