Day 97 It was me. I am the woman targeted.

Then it hit me. That woman was me.

I am that woman targeted in that indoctrination meeting. Me. That is my story. That is what happened to me. I think my supposed friend had me stand at the front of the stage so they would recognize me. I glibly stood there. If the zombies had a brain left amongst them they must have thought I was the dumbest human being ever to grace planet earth. Maybe I was. I had no idea the purpose for the meeting. I  had no idea the purpose for having me attend. This was not the meeting I was supposedly going to attend. I had no idea the purpose for having me stand on the stage next to her, my supposed friend. It only began dawning on me decades later as the things they said would happen actually happened to me. I think I was the target all along. 

The  pastor to the church we attended and went to choir practice found out the girls had told me to watch for the BIG SIGN.  The girls were right. I did not miss it. The attack on the trade towers is what they were referring to as the BIG SIGN. The pastor was furious at them for telling me. He caught them gloating at me before the second service the Sunday after 9/11. He shouted at the girls not to tell me anything more about that. This same pastor of that same church threw me out of the congregation the next Sunday. Told me never to come back. He began saying the lady in charge of the meeting I went to decided who went to church there and stayed and who goes and I had not made a good impression on her. 

One night immediately after 9/11 I was awakened by the sound of someone getting into my house using a key to the front door as I slept in my second floor master bedroom suite. I was shocked and so scared I had to force myself to breathe. I did not get up. I could not reach a phone to call 911. I was upstairs in my bed while they were downstairs talking about me like I was not there. The intruders were deciding if they thought I could be “trained” or “brought around to their way of thinking”. They decided I would not turn. They decided I would not break. They knew I was upstairs and they knew I could hear them. They taunted me by starting to come up the stairs and then backing down them. One guy came upstairs and went into every room on the second floor but my bedroom. They wanted me to know they could get to me any time they wanted. One of the people invading my home was a local policeman I had worked with to stop drug deals in an area of the town or at least I thought that is what we were doing. I knew him and recognized his voice. I had to wonder if he ever intended to catch the drug dealers or what now he was standing in my home with the intruders. This was pure intimidation for intimidation sake. The intruders decided not to go through with their plans for me that night. They would put it off a few weeks to see if I got smart. If not, they still had time to deal with me. 


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