The command of The Lord G-D to his true sons as recorded by the apostle John from his visions on the aisle of Patmos and recorded in the book of Revelation is “come out of her”. Come out of the church set up by Constantine. Come out of the church if you want to stay alive sentient being and save your soul. Run. Get away while you still can.

The Lord G-D says MY PEOPLE COME OUT OF THE WHORE CHURCH AS SET UP BY CONSTANTINE IN THE THIRD CENTURY A.D. SO THAT YOU WILL NOT SHARE IN HER ABOMINATIONS. The Lord G-D commanded the true sons redeemed by the blood of the Lamb to come out of the church. The “Church” has become a political arm of the U.S. Government. That is not all the “Church” is. Babylon the Great of Revelation the great city the harlot is Rome. Vatican City is the great whore who sat on 10 hills selling her wares to all the kings and kingdoms of the world. 

Revelation 18:1 says: “After these things, I saw another angel coming down from Heaven. He had great authority; the earth was lit up by his splendor. He cried out with a strong voice, “She has fallen. Babylon the great has fallen. Babylon is a parody of the great harlot, the whore “Church”. 

The arrogance of the “Church” is astounding. The church claims to be the “bride of Christ”. This is also a very important identity theft and a huge power grab. The wife of the Lamb of G-D, Jesus of Nazareth, is Mary Magdalene. The divine design for creation is a one to one paring; Jesus the son of Creator G-d with his wife Mary Magdalene. The idea that Jesus, one man, could be husband to the multitudes of men and women who comprise “Church” is coming from the original sin of Lucifer. This is the basis for polygamy and polytheism, or idol worship. I have talked to more than one man who just cannot get past the idea that he, a man, is working all his life and getting saved so he can become the wife of another man. 

Lucifer rebelled against the divine design of ONE: ONE CREATOR. ONE G-D, One adamah who keeps only to one woman. The whole polygamy thing started by Lucifer is why Constantine came up with the idea to make everyone a wife of Jesus. From that lie, it is a short jump to all men can have as many wives as they want or can afford. They can have them all. After all, according to the lies of Lucifer, ye who are adamah/dust are gods now because Adam an Eve ate of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. 

Please let me make this clear. Rebellion is the behavior and character of Lucifer. Lucifer’s answer to creation is duplication, two. Copying the original, the real. Lucifer copying creator is the genesis of polytheism. Two Gods. Polytheism is the root of polygamy, dualism, duality. Two. 

Creator G-D is ONE. Even in the multitudes of divisions and pieces of Creator G-D the foreknown carry, Creator remains ONE. When Israel or any other nation or people or any other person worships the gods, the sons of Satan, or worse yet they choose to worship an idol manufactured out of wood or stone they are committing idolatry. Creator G-D, the I AM, calls this whoring after that which is not G-D. Spiritual polytheism, worshipping more than ONE G-D, is the same as polygamy in the flesh, or having more than one wife. 

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