Day 77 The Lord G-D remembers the crimes of “Church”

Jesus said we will know they are Christian by their love. Love is not equal to sex. Sex is not equal to love. Love is the essence of Creator G-D. Sex is the privilege of husband with his one and only wife. A physical act performed by a physical body. Sill even wife maintains control over her own body. A husband’s privilege is limited to the permissions of wife. I think we will know true vine persons by the ability to think as an individual. It will look like freedom is in the collective mind, but true freedom is in the live sentient being. 

In the book of Revelation, the apostle John tells us that Creator G-D has remembered the crimes of “Church”. Then Jesus pronounces judgment on Vatican City. Revelation 18:6-7 

          “Render to her as she rendered to others!

           Pay her back double for what she has done!

           Use the cup in which she has brewed to brew her double sized drink!

            Give her as much torment and sorrow as the glory and luxury she gave herself!

             For in her heart she says, “I SIT A QUEEN. I AM NOT A WODOW. I WILL NEVER SEE SORROW.”

This is the declaration of the great harlot “Church” that she has taken over the place of Mary Magdalene as the wife of Jesus The Christ of G-D. It is an attempt to impersonate the feminine aspects of Creator G-D. This too is an identity theft.


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